Terms & Conditions

Article 1. Scope of application, governing law, and jurisdiction

1.1 ONLYJEWELS.COM BVBA (“ONLYJEWELS”, hereinafter “we” or “Seller”) and related services are made available to you in accordance with the following Terms of Use. These Terms of Use govern the purchase from, and use of, the www.onlyjewels.com website and form a contract between the person wishing to consult the website and make a purchase, hereinafter the “Purchaser” and Seller. The Purchaser and the Seller are hereinafter jointly called the “Parties”.The Parties agree that their relationship shall be exclusively governed by these Terms of use. Please read the Terms of Use carefully before placing an order with us.

1.2 APPLICABLE LAW-JURISDICTION: OnlyJewels.com BVBA, company registration number BE 0698.934.191 at the Crossroads Bank (“Kruispuntbank der Ondernemingen”) whose headquarters are located at Hoveniersstraat 19, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium; is regulated by the laws of Belgium, with exception of the terms of the International Privacy law and with the regulations of Rome on international sales agreements regarding goods. In the event of a dispute, the courts of Antwerp (Belgium) are solely competent. Parties shall try to find an amicable solution before initiating any proceedings. These Terms of Use are not applicable to purchases through other points of distribution than the web shop www.onlyjewels.com. By making a purchase from, and using, this website you understand and have agreed to the Terms of Use as well as the related important legal information. 

1.3 The Terms of Use exclusively concern the Purchasers, who are non-merchant natural persons and declare possessing full legal capacity. Any person who is incompetent in the sense of Articles 1123 and followings of the Belgian Civil Code, may not buy at the site.

Article 2. Registration and account terms of use

2.1 In order to purchase products and use certain services and features offered by OnlyJewels.com, a valid registration through the setup of an account will be necessary. During this registration, you will be required to register a username (a valid e-mail address) and a password. Purchaser provides truthful information about himself/herself/itself, meaning the information must be accurate/current and complete. At any time, the Purchaser can update their personal information through their settings. In case of any abusive use of a Purchaser’s username or password, Seller declines any form of liability. 

2.2 By registering an account, Purchaser will get access to:

  • Your Settings: Save your address and payment details in order to check out faster during your next purchase. Also, manage your account details and email preferences.
  • Your Orders: Track your current orders’ shipping advancements and review all your past purchases. You may also create a return request.
  • Your Gift Cards: (Coming soon) Enabling you to see site credit balance and add a gift card to your orders.
  • Your Favorites: Build a list of all your favorite jewels. You will also be able to share any jewel by email with your friends and family.

Creating an account is fairly simple. Click on “SIGN IN” and choose the “REGISTER” tab to fill in your details. Choose a unique account password and keep it safe. In the case of a breach of security or an unauthorised use of your account, you must notify us immediately via care@onlyjewels.com. 

2.3 Forgot Your Password?

If you have forgotten your password, click on the “FORGOTTEN PASSWORD” link on the “SIGN IN” page and enter your email. For security reasons, we do not store your password and are unable to send your password via email. Therefore you will receive a link by email to reset your password.

Please read our Privacy Policy if you wish to know how we use and protect your data.

Article 3. Product descriptions and intellectual rights

3.1 Seller commits to taking all reasonable measures to describe the products in the most accurate way. Descriptive elements illustrating the products are not contractual. In case of inaccuracies, Seller can not be held liable; in that case, Seller will resolve the situation to its best effort. If an error is discovered in the pricing of an item after an order has been made but before the item is shipped, the Seller is under no obligation to fulfill that order and will let the Purchaser know by email or telephone that the order has been cancelled. If the transaction has already been made for their item, a full refund will be made as soon as possible. 

3.2 All information displayed on Onlyjewels.com such as but not limited to logos, photographs, and graphic material is protected by intellectual property law and may not be published, reproduced, transmitted or exploited in any other way.

Article 4. Purchase, pricing and payment modalities

4.1 If you wish to make a purchase on OnlyJewels.com, you need to provide personal details: your real name, phone number, e-mail address and further contact details necessary to secure a safe delivery of your jewel. You will also need to provide valid and correct personal payment details. For the purchase to be allowed, it is imperative that you are the person referred to in the billing information provided.

4.2 The payment is made by a debit or credit card accepted by Seller (specify partners). In case the Purchaser chooses to pay by credit card, the issuing bank institution may ask for an additional signature, such as a security token.

4.3 Validating an order form is deemed to be equivalent to an electronic signature which has the same value between the parties as a written signature and serves as evidence that the order is complete and proper and that the amounts due may be claimed in performing that order.

4.4 By ordering a jewel on our website, you are making an offer to purchase merchandise and hereby authorise us to perform a verification of your personal and payment details, potentially with a third party, in order to: authenticate your identity; validate your payment method and possibly conduct appropriate anti-fraud checks. You thereby also allow us to initiate a payment authorisation for the individual purchase transaction related to your order.

4.5 Once the payment has been accepted, the Purchaser shall receive an email confirmation.

4.6 Seller shall not be held liable for any damages resulting from fraud or any other unlawful act by third parties by means of a debit or credit card, without prejudice to the Purchaser’s right to recover damages from the third party. 

4.7 Products you purchase are for personal use or gift and cannot be used for any kind of commercial purpose. We reserve the right to restrict or refuse multiple quantities of an item being shipped to same customer or postal address.

4.8 Seller reserves itself the right to refuse or cancel an order or delivery at any time, f.e.in case the payment authorisation is refused by the payment treating institution, in case of prior disputes with Purchaser, if Purchaser exercises their rights in an abnormally disproportionate manner or is not eligible based on out terms of use.This list is not exhaustive.

4.9 Each product price is displayed at Onlyjewels.com in euros, Belgian VAT (Value Added Tax) included, and shipping costs included. All final payments are made in Euros. We know that our clientele is international and created a feature that allows our visitors and clients to view the currency conversions of our Euro prices calculated from the latest currency exchange rates. 

4.10 These rates do not include the possible fees our clients’ banks / card-issuers may or may not charge for Euro payments. If you choose to view our prices in another currency than Euros, the pricing that appears for each item on the site might vary alongside currency exchange rate fluctuations. Prices may also vary due to a special offer or other commercial reasons. 

4.11 All Euro prices remain valid as advertised. Furthermore, all Euro prices displayed at the time the order is accepted will be honoured, except in the case of a patent error.

4.12 VAT (Value Added Tax) is applicable to all shipments within the European Union. For shipments outside the European Union, we will contact our clients directly to communicate the importation process and costs in the country in question. Depending on the regulations applicable in each country, import duty and tax costs may be invoiced directly to you by the shipping company or the client’s personal import broker, in which case, the VAT will be refunded on the card/account used to make the purchase. We strongly recommend you to get information about the cost of importing goods with your local customs before completing an order.

4.13 Occasionally you may receive a promotion or special offer from Seller. Promotions and offers are limited to a specific duration of time and usually to a specific product category, they cannot be transferred or changed into cash or used in conjunction with other promotions or offers.

4.14 Gift Cards are coming soon

Article 5. Availability and shipping

5.1 Any order will be subject to availability. 

5.2 In-stock products will be shipped directly from our headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.

5.3 In case of the unavailability of a product, you will be able to contact us for a special request and depending on the jewel we might be able to find you a customised solution:

  • if the jewel in question is out of stock simply because we are awaiting a new shipment from our suppliers, you will be able to make an advanced payment to pre-order the jewel to receive it in priority.
  • If the jewel in question is a unique gemstone, we might be able to find a gemstone with almost identical characteristics and have it recut to match the gemstone that was sold.
  • If the jewel is a limited designer edition, we will get in touch with the designer and discuss possibilities for a special order. 

5.4 We perform quality checks before any jewel is shipped. In the rare case of a production problem, we will have to delay delivery and you will naturally be allowed to choose a refund on your payment if you do not wish to wait any longer for the jewel. The refund will be made directly on the card/account you used to make the payment, within 30 days after your refund request. You may also want to be refunded directly as site credit.

5.5 We insure the shipping for every single purchase. The delivery shall be carried out at the address indicated as the delivery address in the order. The risks shall be transferred to the Purchaser at the time of delivery, meaning as soon as the product is at the disposal of the Purchaser (=chosen delivery address). Our shipping partners must request a signature to hand the delivery to our clients. As soon as you have signed for the delivery you become responsible for the purchased item. If you have asked us to allow someone else than you to sign for your delivery, the transfer of responsibility will take place as well. The control system used by the delivery person will proof this transaction. 

5.6 Our goal is to deliver you in less than a week for ready items and in less than 6 weeks for made-to-measure items. The delivery dates estimations visible on OnlyJewels.com should guide you before your purchase. You will receive your order at the latest, 30 days after the order was accepted. 

5.7 Seller cannot be held responsible for destination customs clearance delays. In any case such as this one, where the delivery date may be delayed by events we have no control over, you will be contacted as soon as possible by our customer care department to inform you of the events and what we are doing to lessen the inconvenience. Even when we take steps to improve delivery dates that have been delayed by an event out of our control, we still cannot be held responsible for the delay. If such an event may cause risk of delays that become too important you will be able to cancel your order and be refunded for what you have not received.

Article 5. Return policy

5.1  In accordance with the European and National legal provisions that are applicable to these terms of use, Purchaser has the right to communicate to Seller that he renounces to the purchase without payment of a penalty or without justification, within fifteen (15) calendar days of the day following the delivery.

5.2 Purchaser that wishes to exercise this right shall contact Seller’s customer service via their account on OnlyJewels.com through the return request button in their order preview within 15 calendar days from the delivery. Once the request is validated Purchaser shall receive instructions via email. The products shall be returned to Onlyjewels.com, Hoveniersstraat 19, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium. 

5.3 Purchaser has seven (7) business days to return products to the Seller within Europe and fourteen (14) business days for returns from the rest of the world, from the moment he expresses their will to renounce to their purchase.

5.4 The delivery costs will stay due and will under no circumstance be reimbursed.

5.5 The products must be returned in a perfect state, with all accessories and in their original packaging. Returns of products showing any signs of use shall be accepted only at Seller’s discretionary authority and the cost of reconstituting the product to its original state will be deducted from the initial amount paid.

5.6 Ineligible returns will remain at the Purchaser’s disposal in the OnlyJewels office for pick up or can be shipped back at the Purchaser’s own expense. Seller does not take responsibility for ineligibly returned products while remaining in its offices.

5.7 Reimbursement will take place within thirty (30) days after receipt of the returned parcel if the conditions under 5.3 and 5.5 have been met. In case the Seller exercises its discretionary authority regarding ineligible returns, the reimbursement will only take place once the product has been reconstituted to its original state.

5.8 Products that are especially tailored/personalised according to the Purchaser’s specifications will not be considered for return.

Article 6. Warranty

6.1 In accordance with articles 1649 bis and further of the Belgian Civil Code the warranty term is twenty-four (24) months from delivery, for manufacturing defects existing at the time of delivery, if the Purchaser was not or could not be expected to be aware of the defect. In that case, repair or replacement will take place. Only in strict cases as set out by the law, rescind of the contract and reimbursement will occur.

Article 7. Modifications

7.1 We reserve the right to modify our Terms of Use in the future and shall communicate the new version through the website. Unless it is required by law, a change to our Terms of Use made after the placement of an order will not affect this order.

Article 8. Customer Service and Complaints

8.1 The Seller’s customer service is available through email at care@onlyjewels.com or by mail at the following address: Hoveniersstraat 19, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium.