Payments & Delivery

Accepted Payment methods

At OnlyJewels, we want to make your purchase as easy as possible. We, therefore, accept a number of different payment methods. Please read the information related to your favorite payment methods for a seamless shopping experience. For any further information contact our client care team: +32 (0) 3 808 72 00 or

Card Payments

We accept payments with Mastercard, JCB, CUP, American Express, Visa, Bancontact, Maestro, V PAY, and Visa Electron. 

Wire Transfer

The safest and quickest payment method, when it comes to larger sums of money, remains bank wire transfers. OnlyJewels bank details, necessary for payments are always provided in the checkout and pro forma invoices and invoices. 

Payment Safety for Remote Transactions

To avoid fraudulence and ensure the security of our clients, credit card and wire transfer orders will generally only be accepted if the credit card holder’s name or bank account holder’s name matches the name of the individual who will receive the parcel in person (identification required). 

VAT Refunds for non-European-Union Residents

All our prices include the 21% Belgian VAT. If your legal residence is outside the European Union, you may benefit from the VAT deduction. 

Get a 100% VAT refund for your diamond jewelry purchase

If non-EU citizens buy goods in person from OnlyJewels and fly back to their country (non-EU), they can take their OnlyJewels invoice together with their passport, boarding pass, and the jewel with certificates in question to the European airport customs from which they will leave the EU. Customs will stamp the invoice and the client can send our office the stamped invoice back via postal mail. 

When we receive the invoice stamped by customs from the client, we can do the necessary procedures and reimburse the VAT to our clients. Such VAT refund requests can be made no later than the end of the third month following the month in which the goods in question were purchased. 

Get a VAT  Refund directly at the airport

If the process for a full refund is too lengthy for you, you can consider a partial VAT refund directly at the airport via GlobalBlue for example. We have the necessary forms in our offices. 

VAT Deduction for Shipments outside the EU 

VAT can only be deducted for a delivery destination outside the EU, our invoices will not include VAT.  VAT refunds do not apply for shipments within the EU. If our clients with non-EU residences, wish to be delivered and the delivery address for the shipping is in the EU, the VAT cannot be deducted. 

Import Taxes & Duties

For shipments

As OnlyJewels processes an order for international delivery (outside the EU), the shipment will automatically be registered for exportation. As the shipment crosses the border of the destination country it is consequently registered as an import to the name of the receiver. 

The receiver will thereby be held liable for the import taxes and duties of the shipment. The amount of these varies from one country to another. Even though we accompany our clients all the way through this process we do recommend verifying the current rates for importing fine jewelry at their local customs office. 

For travelers

Travelers who buy goods in Europe and bring them back home might not automatically be controlled by customs for their imports. It is therefore upon them to declare any import into their country of residence. Again the rates vary from one country to another. We recommend verifying the current rates for importing fine jewelry, or loose diamonds at their local customs office. 

Order cancellations

It is your right to cancel an order. We do recommend you do it as fast as possible to be able to get a full refund. 

If the order concerns the made-to-measure or bespoke production of a jewel, and this production has started, cancellation is no longer possible. 

If the order concerns a piece that is ready to ship and not made to measure, and it has already been shipped, you can also no longer cancel your order. However, you can return it. Read our return & refunds policy for more information.


At OnlyJewels, we offer complimentary worldwide delivery. All our customers may opt for express delivery if they wish. For any further information contact our client care team: +32 (0) 3 808 72 00 or

Shipping Partners

We know that the delivery experience is crucial in your overall client journey. Therefore our work does not stop at making sure your jewel is well packaged. Our client care team accompanies clients through the entire delivery process. We have various shipping partners. Depending on the jewel, the destination, and the value of the jewel we will choose wisely so that your order is insured and shipped as fast and safely as possible. We work with FedExFerrariDHLUPSMalca AmitBrinks, and sometimes even will do the delivery ourselves.

Shipping Destinations

If your country is not on the list below, please contact our client care team for a custom shipping solution.

Argentina – Australia – Austria – Belgium – Bulgaria – Canada – Chech Rep. – China – Cyprus – Denmark – Estonia – Finland – France – France (Corsica) – Germany – Greece – Hungary – Ireland – Italy – Japan – Latvia – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Macedonia – Malaysia – Malta – Mexico – N. Zealand – Netherlands – Norway – Panama – Poland – Portugal – Romania – Singapore – Slovak Rep. – Slovenia – South Korea – Spain – Sri Lanka – Sweden – Switzerland – Taiwan – Thailand – UK – USA – Vietnam