About Us

Welcome to OnlyJewels.com: A Confluence of Craftsmanship and Elegance

OnlyJewels.com isn’t just a retail platform; it’s a voyage into the heart of the world of jewels. Presented in the luxury magazine style, we invite you to explore the enchanting gemstones we’ve curated, the beautiful designer jewels we’ve discovered, and the inspiring encounters we’ve had along our journey. Our digital doorstep opens to a realm brimming with wonders, awaiting your exploration. Besides our online presence, our office and inviting salesroom nestled in the diamond district of Antwerp extend a warm welcome to visitors, by appointment, to view our bespoke selections.

Our Mission:
Our endeavor is to curate a selection of jewels that encapsulate the essence of the diverse world of jewelry, showcasing exceptional talent and techniques that are truly worth your while.

The Visionaries Behind OnlyJewels.com

Charlotte Auerbach-Tyser, Founder & Co-director
With over a decade of diamond industry experience garnered in Antwerp, excels in digital product development and digital marketing in the luxury sector. Her vision, relentless perseverance, and continual pursuit of improvement are the linchpins of her expertise.

Ben Auerbach, Co-director
Ben’s self-made journey propelled him into entrepreneurship. His business development acumen, particularly in the jewelry industry, alongside his innate sense of business, resilience, and knack for opportunity creation, makes him an invaluable asset. His reputation as one of the stellar buyers in the diamond industry speaks volumes.

Both Charlotte and Ben are FEEG Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Graders, accredited by the Federation for European Education In Gemology, and as a diamond trader, Ben is also an esteemed member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the Antwerpsche Diamantkring – Antwerp Bourse for Rough Diamonds.

Our Dynamic Team

Our team is a rich tapestry of skills spanning arts, digital realms, marketing, goldsmithing, and sales. Discover more about our team on our [Careers page](link to the careers page).

Our Journey and Partnerships

Incepted in 2018, OnlyJewels.com has been a nurturing ground for numerous projects. The acquisition of Ajediam.com, a pioneer in servicing diamond jewelry online since 2002, as well as the birth of Antwerp Atelier, initially an in-house atelier now blossoming into its independent space with a recycled gold refinery project, both mark significant milestones. Our platform is also a proud partner to a number of highly talented jewelry designers including Roëll, Isabelle Langlois, Daymard, Cecile Chalvet, Philippe Tournaire, Patrice Fabre, Thierry Vendome, Michèle Baschet, Thomas Arabian, Little Ones Paris, Hélène Courtaigne Delalande, Garaude Paris, Syz Fireworks, Sara Bran, that continually enrich our offerings in designer pieces.

Visionary Path Forward

Our aspiration is to become the jewelry company of the future, cherishing contemporary talent, blending traditional with modern jewelry-making techniques, and envisaging a world abundant with creativity, natural wonders, and marvels.

Reach Out to Us

Belamco Building, 1st & 2nd floors
Hovenierstraat 19, 2018 Antwerp,
Belgium, Europe

Whatsapp Business and Fixed Line: + 32 3 808 72 00