The Team

“There is something truly captivating about the world of fine jewels. Look deeper. Discover the veins and hues of a fine emerald. Appreciate the art hidden in a ring’s craftsmanship. You will be mind-blown.

Jewels are enchanting and remind me every day of the wonders of the world, even of life. Whether a gift from a loved one or a gift to oneself, fine jewellery is more than a symbol. It is a carrier of precious emotions.

These are all the reasons that brought OnlyJewels to life. This is what we share in this adventure. OnlyJewels flourishes under the dedication of talented and passionate people. Join us and let us thrive together!”

Charlotte Tyser, director of OnlyJewels.

Our Core Values

Passion & Ambition: Our quest is simple – procure and create the finest jewels for our clientele. Every day is a fresh page in our story of striving to enhance our services and earning the trust and admiration of our clients.

Transparency: We envision a modern, transparent industry where knowledge is shared, empowering our visitors with insightful and intelligent information.

Innovation & Creativity: We believe the mundane transforms into extraordinary through the lens of creativity, making every day a novel adventure.

Sustainability: Our stride towards a greener world is deliberate, converting actions, big and small, into sustainable practices.

Joy: Shared joy is a double joy. The happiness derived from our work and shared with our team and clients is invaluable.


Charlotte Auerbach-Tyser, Founder & Co-director
With over a decade of diamond industry experience garnered in Antwerp, excels in digital product development and digital marketing in the luxury sector. Her vision, relentless perseverance, and continual pursuit of improvement are the linchpins of her expertise.

Ben Auerbach, Co-director
Ben’s self-made journey propelled him into entrepreneurship. His business development acumen, particularly in the jewelry industry, alongside his innate sense of business, resilience, and knack for opportunity creation, makes him an invaluable asset. His reputation as one of the stellar buyers in the diamond industry speaks volumes.

Both Charlotte and Ben are FEEG Graduate Gemologists and Diamond Graders, accredited by the Federation for European Education In Gemology, and as a diamond trader, Ben is also an esteemed member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses and the Antwerpsche Diamantkring – Antwerp Bourse for Rough Diamonds.

Current Job Opportunities

To continue our growth and development, we seek talented, proactive and versatile people to join us and collaborate with us.

Digital Team:
SEO expert
Ads manager

Studio Team:
Product & Still Life Photographer
Video Content Creator

Atelier Team:
no current openings

Internship Programs:
Gemology & Diamond Grading Internship

General Submissions

Whatever you are passionate about, we look forward to hearing from you. Email your resume to